Pearl Garavaglia shows off hot Body goals – Pictures

Track and field athlete, personal trainer and Insta hottie Pearl Garavaglia is serving some hot body looks in these few steamy snaps shared on her social media platform. No wonder why she has a huge number of followers such as over 430 thousand, it is because of this.

Pearl Garavaglia

On one of the posts where she can be seen wearing a tight green outfit, she captioned, ‘I think I look great in green 😍, and I’m going to start wearing more green 🤸‍♀️‘.

Pearl Garavaglia

This sparked a lot of her followers laying out their hearts, expressing how they feel about her.

Pearl Garavaglia

One follower wrote, ‘Not gonna comment about ur body for now cos even my gf knows I am crushing on u. Cool kicks🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‘.

Pearl Garavaglia

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A lot of her fans have for a long time been waiting for such content because they were curious of whether if she is sealed or open, Lol!

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