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Parliament pays tribute to late the auditor-general Kimi Makwetu

Kimi Makwetu

Parliament on Tuesday paid tribute to the late auditor-general Kimi Makwetu who succumbed to lung cancer earlier this month.

The tributes were paid on the day that was scheduled to say farewell to him after his seven-year term ended.

Speaker after speaker described him as a man of integrity, a patriot, an exceptional South African, a champion on public accountability and a true civil servant.

ANC MP Sisisi Tolashe said the governing party in the National Assembly felt the immeasurable loss.

Tolashe said his departure has not robbed them diligence but stole a world-class citizen.

“Your dedication and patriotism displayed to South African people even as you were battling illness is a reminder of the value of selflessness we should all emulate.

Kimi Makwetu

“We are grateful to your commitment to the Constitution and put first the South African people,” she said.

Tolashe said Makwetu worked hard to ensure public finances were properly audited and measures were put in place to guard against wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

DA MP Jan de Villiers said Makwetu was a qualified chartered accountant with leadership and management ability who chose to serve his country and her people above enriching himself.

De Villiers said Makwetu was deeply committed to professionalism and people of this country. He was an exceptional South African.

“He fought for this country and was an ambassador for accountability, good governance and ethical leadership.

“He never hesitated to raise the necessary red flags around corruption,” he said. De Villiers said in his remembrance, South Africa should hold those stealing the future of children.

EFF MP Omphile Maotwe said Makwetu embodied values of accountability, transparency and service to the people. He did this without seeking credit, fame and even publicity,” Maotwe said.

She said Makwetu was able to demonstrate distinction and competent black managers could run complex institutions despite doubt and being treated with suspicion.

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