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Pallance Dladla’s speech makes Akhumzi’s mum break down #AkhumziJezileMemorial

Pallance Dladla’s speech makes Akhumzi’s mum break down #AkhumziJezileMemorial. Pallance and Akhumzi’s friendship started years ago when they both auditioned for talent search show Class Act.  They also acted together on both seasons of Tempy Pushas and away from the small screen they were as thick as thieves.

Pallace Dladla

Tears flowed at the Rhema Bible Church in Randburg on Thursday evening when Akhumzi Jezile’s best friend, co-star, and brother Pallance Dladla took to the podium during a memorial service in honour of the TV personality.

Even though they weren’t related by blood, in Pallance’s eyes Akhumzi was the brother he always wanted. When Pallance took to the stage it was all too much for Akhumzi’s mom whose weeping echoed through the church.

Fighting back tears himself, Pallance said he had lost a brother.

“I’m looking at everyone here today and I know that this is what he would have wanted, this is how he would have wanted us to celebrate him, together.” Pallance reflected on how when they first met, they didn’t initially hit it off.

“We first met at an audition and we didn’t start off on a good note because he kept forgetting how to pronounce my name properly but ever since then he’s been making fun of me. I’ve been making fun of him, and I don’t know who’s going to do that now.”

Pallance said the only birthday present Akhumzi ever bought him was a Britney Spears album, but gave him a far greater gift.

“He gave the brother I always wanted.”

Akhumzi’s other close friend Nolwazi Shange also brought mourners to tears as she gave tribute to him.

Source: Times Live


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