Oskido’s message to his fans: Everything you need is already within you

Positive vibes and motivational words – that’s what DJ Oskido is all about. He is often sharing pearls of wisdom on social media and recently decided to start off the week by inspiring his fans.


DJ Oskido enjoys sharing positive vibes with his fans and doing things for people that make them happy. A while ago, he shared special words about understanding a parent’s love and many social media users could relate.

Oskido Durban July 2018

This time around, the DJ and businessman shared pearls of wisdom about finding the solution to problems within yourself.

This isn’t the only time Oskido is pulling out phrases meant to encourage his fans. Other snippets from him include: “When you speak, speak from the heart, or your words will only touch the ears of another, not where they feel sincerity.

Oskido Durban July 2018

A time will come when you wake up to reality, you will see that we are all as one, journeying back home to Heaven.” On top of being philosophical, Oskido also has a caring heart. He helped a man achieve his dream of visiting Moses Mabhida Stadium about a month ago. The artist reached out to other celebs in hopes of one day seeing the stadium, and it was Oskido who reached out in the end.

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