Orlando Pirates boss Irvin Khoza shares his big secret

Irvin Khoza, chairman of the Orlando Pirates, claims that the Spanish head coach of the team has imparted some valuable knowledge to him. Khoza says that he has taken a great lesson from Jose Riveiro, whom the chairman appointed ahead of the 2022/23 campaign. He taught me what I now talk about, the power of silence,” Khoza said according to the SABC.

Irvin Khoza

“You can see he is a modest person, he doesn’t talk much. And I remember talking about it — work hard in silence and let the result be your success. He is a hard worker behind the scenes, but you won’t see it because he is of a demeanour that is belying his fortitude, his attitude in his work ethics.

Khoza has also recently extolled the virtues of hard work using the example of iconic South African coach Pitso Mosimane.I have to make the kids understand that you don’t get things without hard work. You must earn them and Pitso in his eyes, in his veins, has always shown determination,” Khoza said at the opening of Pitso Mosimane Multipurpose Sports Court at Lofentse Girls High School in Orlando East in Soweto.

Irvin Khoza

“How do you expect a guy from South Africa, playing a game in Sudan, going to a taxi to Algeria, in a taxi he doesn’t speak the language and he’s not sure what’s gonna happen with him? His success today is because of his commitment and work ethic.

“It is important for people like Pitso to be put on a pedestal, to motivate all the kids that think things are easy. Kids today are on Instagram and Facebook but there’s more effort required than Instagram and Facebook. Especially now that we are competing globally.

“Pitso had no boundaries. He never undermined himself. In fact, at the awards, you were there when I said ‘Watch this boy, he’s gonna surprise Africa, long before it happened. Today it’s important for me to repeat it in front of the school children.

Irvin Khoza

“To say he did not get this thing by mistake, by contacts, he worked very hard. So, work ethic is very important that is why people like Mandela [Nelson], and Desmond Tutu, gave themselves for the good of people. So, what is required of us is to die a little for those who are disadvantaged.”

Source: The southafrican

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