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City of Johannesburg vows to cover Orange Farm manholes

The City of Johannesburg has vowed to cover every manhole in Orange Farm after six-year-old Khomanani Mahwa fell in and died in a manhole.

MMC of Community Development Margaret Arnolds says service delivery needs to be ramped up and manholes need to be covered speedily.

“Manholes go missing, the covers are missing because they sold for scrap, they are stolen off then sold for scrap,” Arnolds said.

“The onus is also on our officials to ensure that whenever there’s a cover missing they need to bring a cover because it’s dangerous.

“These kids were very close to the manhole, it’s disturbing that this happened, but service delivery needs to happen constantly, when there are manholes they need to be covered, and this is my plea to all officials.”

Source: eNCA

In other news – Muvhango’s magosha Angela Atlang (Itseng) under fire

New Muvhango actress Angela Atlang, who plays Itseng Motsamai, says she is shocked and amused by rumours in her home country Botswana that she is a pr0stitute.

Angela Atlang

Atlang, who is a born-again Christian, said since playing Itseng – a seductive but hard and gritty woman who plies her trade as a str!pper – she has been inundated with calls from her fellow church members in Botswana reprimanding her for being a pr0stitute in South Africa. Learn More

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