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Ocean Freight Controller wanted urgently: APPLY HERE

Ship Chandler

Ocean Freight Controller wanted urgently: APPLY HERE

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Job Listing

Job Number: 58947

Job Type: Permanent

Job Title: Ocean freight Controller

Computer Skills: MS Access,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,MS Word

Industry: Freight

City: Johannesburg

Province: Gauteng

Job Description
JOB SUMMARY Control and manage the total export file from inception to completion. Assist with commercial activities to ensure that the business unit achieves maximum liftings and revenue.


Operational Processes Indent Monitoring/Booking Invoicing Quality Control Status Reports Other Responsibilities


Operational Processes Booking Ensure that shipping files are handled in accordance to the various process flows. Assist clients with any queries related to operations and documentary requirements needed to successfully facilitate the shipment. Make an export booking with the preferred Shipping Line. Check to cost and to book sheets from sales. Open a shipment file on the system Send a booking to customer Monitor orders placed until such time as the goods have been confirmed as loaded onboard including getting monitoring stacks and empty releases. Cargo should be tracked till stacked. It is also imperative to ensure Shipping Instructions are sent to Carrier. On sailing check SOB details and confirm to the customer. Check bill draft and get confirmation of the bill.

Process release and payment for carrier including submission of CDO and Entries. Ensure customer billed and payment made prior to release. Monitor free days from collection to stacked on board. Arrange necessary additional free time. Destination free time must be applied to prior to sailing. Obtain invoices/costs from all the relevant service providers prior to raising the invoice to the client ensuring that the invoices are checked/authorized and sent to accounts for payment.

Cross-check the costing sheet. It is your responsibility to ensure that the invoices and supporting documents are delivered to the client 3 days after the confirmed shipped on board (airfreight) All invoices must be checked prior to been sent A Quality Check must be performed on the operations file prior to closing ensuring that all the relevant documents are kept on file in accordance with the Customs & Excise Act 91 of 1964, as amended and the VAT Act 89 of 1991, as amended. Ensure that Clients are kept up to date on the progress of their shipments by sending them regular status reports (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) Ensure the highest levels of customer service at all times and attend to client’s queries. Assist sales in obtaining rates from various service providers.

In turn, also quoting customers directly. Press carriers for rates and charges where applicable. Canvass and assist in marketing when needed. The job also requires a level of proactivity skills in helping the business unit secure business. Other Responsibilities Ensure that creditors’ invoices relating to the operational file are captured as per the requirements and those queries (where applicable) are addressed.

Shipping ledgers to be up to date at any given time with special attention given to potential loss amounts. Ensure that your own work area is kept neat and tidy at all times. Ensure that you adhere to the guidelines set out in your employment contract (timekeeping, internet usage, dress code, etc.) Ensure that status reports and “thank you” notes are sent out as per the requirements.


Minimum 5 Years of previous shipping experience


5 years


Attention to detail. Focused on customer requirements. Ability to work with people and show leadership ability. Multi-task and work under pressure.

Inherent Requirements:
Minimum 5 Years previous shipping experience Attention to detail. Focused on customer requirements. Ability to work with people and show leadership ability. Multi-task and work under pressure

What Qualification: Matric

Minimum Qualification: Any

Status: Available. Apply Now

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