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NYPD cop accused of plotting to have 14-year-old killed out of jealousy


The New York police officer was angry with her ex-husband and jealous of her boyfriend’s gifts to her 14-year-old daughter, prosecutors said. So she allegedly asked the boyfriend to hire a hitman to kill the husband – and the teenager. At one point, officials said, the law enforcement veteran wondered why the boyfriend couldn’t do the deed himself.

But that plan quickly went south, officials said, when the boyfriend disclosed the plot to the FBI, allowing investigators to put together taped conversations between him and Cincinelli. In 2019, authorities faked her husband’s death to capture his reaction. It was then that Cincinelli tried to cover up her and her boyfriend’s tracks by deleting the data from the phone, authorities alleged. She was charged with obstructing justice. Now 36-year-old Cincinelli has only admitted that accusation as part of a plea deal.

“We are satisfied with the final decision and the government’s agreement to dismiss the murder for rental fees,” his lawyer, James Kousouros, told the Washington Post in an email. “Ms. Cincinelli has accepted responsibility for the obstruction and wants nothing more than to return to her family and continue with her life.

He said Cincinelli never paid for a hitman and the money she gave boyfriend John DiRubba was simply a loan to buy gold coins. Kousouros also argued that the recordings provided by the government do not prove his thesis. The Post was unable to reach DiRubba and a lawyer who represented him in another case did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“After all she’s done, and all the damage, I still love her and always will be,” then 54-year-old DiRubba told the New York Daily News in 2019, recalling their tattoos. “Til Death” correspondents. DiRubba said Cincinelli “needs help. While the FBI said DiRubba had “proven his reliability”, Kousouros argued the man was not credible. He said DiRubba had a history of mistakenly accusing Cincinelli of serious offenses “designed like a club to force her to accept him again in her life.

Speaking to the New York Daily News almost two years ago, DiRubba questioned his role as an informant. “Do I regret it? It was very hard for me (because) I love him so much,” he said at the time.

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