Here is how long normal s.e.x should last between a man and a woman

When it comes to s.e.x, everyone seems to have their own preferences. What may be ideal for some might not be for others.

Some people can be satisfied in 15 minutes while some might need an entire hour to be fulfilled.

According to Healthline Media Inc., an American website and provider of health information, desirable s.e.x should last about seven to 13 minutes and these figures only apply to [email protected] intercourse. They don’t account for other types of s.e.x.

Australian s.e.xpert Nadia Bokody told that during her research, she also discovered a study that found a range from just 33 seconds to almost an hour, depending on individuals.

“Interestingly, while research overwhelmingly indicates women require more time than men to 0rgasm during partnered s.e.x, it’s typically men, not women, who report wanting nookie to last longer,” said Bokody.

She states that this may, in part at least, be due to the influence of p0rn.

“In truth, there’s no such thing as normal when it comes to s.e.x. For some of us, it lasts all night. But for many also, it’s wrapped up in time to get into our snuggies, watch some Marie Kondo, and get the hell to sleep,” she added

-daily sun

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