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Meet a Soweto girl Nonhlanhla who blew R1 million RAF payout on beer and boyfriends


Her mother revealed that Nonhlanhla was brought up well and attended expensive schools.

“We gave her everything she wanted because she was the only child at the time,” Her mother Dolly said.

Tebogo, Nonhlanhla’s friend praised her for being loving but at the same time, she is also impudent.

“We have been friends forever,” Tebogo said about her benefactor.

Nonhlanhla was also very close to her aunt Ayanda whom she drinks booze with occasionally having been raised by Ayanda and her grandmother Zodwa.

This is how her story about blowing R1 million Road Accident Fund payout went:

Her mother narrated that Nohlanhla was involved in a road accident at about 9 pm one summer night. Having left home to have some wine with friends, Nonhlanhla did not return but only woke up in a hospital.

She successfully applied for RAF and after two years, she received two cheques totaling R1 million from her lawyers.

She asked her lawyer to write a cash cheque for R10,000 and she spent it on the first day.

My lawyer called me to his office and gave me cheques of R500,000 each. and I asked him to write a cheque for R10,000 which he did. We went on to spend the money on groceries and Nando’s chicken,” Nonhlanhla narrated.

She was left with R3,000 and bought booze for herself and her friends.

I was alone when I received a notification from the bank for R490,000. I told my neighbour that I know got some money. She said we must pray about it and I refused. I told her I’m leaving and see you when I’m back. I remember that I even forgot to lock the house. I went to tell my friend Nhlanhla, she lives across the road. She did not believe me and left to see my other friend Tebogo. I called her while she was still at work. I told her to leave work as I was rich.”

Tebogo complied and went home to start partying with her friend.

I changed my clothes and we started partying on a Friday until Saturday morning,” Tebogo said. I could not sleep, I would wake up rereading the SMS. I woke up in the morning and went to Maponya mall. I even bought things I did not need. We went shopping every day and came back with plastic bags.”

I took my grandmother for grocery shopping. When we got to Diepkloof Square, I told her to take whatever she wanted. She was very sceptical to use the money. I called a taxi to take her to her house in Diepkloof. I gave her R5,000.”

Her grandmother Zodwa said Nonhlanhla would turn up at her house in the morning with Pizzas.

She would come to my house in the morning with a box of Pizza in the morning. I would tell her its too early for Pizza. She would tell me to be sexy and have the Pizza in my morning gown. I would then eat it. SHe would randomly give me R200 notes to buy cold drinks,” Zodwa said.

Her aunt Ayanda is grateful that Nonhlanhla bought her a Peruvian weave.

The first thing she bought and what I have always wanted was a Peruvian weave. It was R2,600.” Ayanda said.

He mother got some of the wishes of her life too.

“She bought me a Plasma TV. She also bought herself a TV. We put new gutters at home. We bought paint and painted the whole house inside and outside. She bought tiles, a washing machine, and a microwave.”

She did everything for us. We never went hungry. Whatever you wanted, she would get it for you,” Dolly said.

Nonhlanhla thinks she spent about R50,000 on the house.

“My mother suggested that I bought a car, a microbus. She thought it would be great to use it to fetch school children and make a profit out of it. I remember that I was in a saloon and my brother called me that he had found a perfect car for me. I gave him directions and he came to the saloon and he brought the bus and wrote him a cheque for R160,000.”

Two weeks after buying the bus, I decided to go around the country. I took my eight friends to Durban. We went to the beach and partied a lot. Two days later, took my cousins, nieces, and nephews to Maponya Mall for shopping. I told them to get whatever they wanted. I told them to call me when they are done shopping so I would pay. I think the shop owners even know me by now because I bought a lot of sneakers about R20,000 that day.”

“We went for lunch and they asked for phones and I bought each one of them.”

We went to Durban again with my friends, for the second trip. We had no time to pack clothes so I bought them new ones when we arrived in Durban.

The second trip to Durban costed me around R20,000. My grandmother tried to reprimand me but I wouldn’t listen. I would tell her that life is too short.”

Tebogo said Nohlanhla told her to leave her job so they could have enough time to spend the money.

“Nonhlanhla told me to resign from work because I was always sick from drinking too much alcohol. She suggested to give me friendship allowance. On the 25th of every month, I would go to ask for money. She would give me between R3,000 and R2,500. People were treating us like queens,” Tebogo said.

Nonhlanhla was entangled in a relationship with a man called Simphiwe who was allegedly targeting her money.

She says she regrets spending money on him as he dumped her soon after she went broke.

“Nonhlanhla would spend a lot of money on that guy. She would fix his car, put a new sound system, gave him petrol money and would go shopping every week. She bought him the expensive Jordan sneakers at Maponya Mall. She renovated Simphiwe’s house, bought him a couch, a bed, and a TV set. Simphiwe was always carrying Nonhlanhla’s purse.

She also went out with a guy she met on Facebook and spent around R15,000 on him.

She used to give random people money in the streets. She was the paymaster of Diepkloof.

“As her money was running out she started paying me R800 as friendship allowance, down from R3,000.” Tebogo narrated.

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