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Nigerian Man caught selling human eye for almost R10000

Man caught selling human eye

A tip-off to the police led to a man being bust for allegedly trying to sell a human eyeball. According to Punch, cops arrested 35-year-old Shuaibu Ibrahim in Nasarawa, central Nigeria on Thursday.

A man named only as Ojo reportedly gave the eyeball to Ibrahim to sell in the neighbouring province, Niger, for N250 000 (about R9 425).

The eyeball had apparently been stolen from the corpse of a victim caught up in clashes between the Ebira and Bassa people in Nasarawa.

Man caught selling human eye

The violence between the tribes has claimed more than 30 lives this year.

Ibrahim has allegedly been involved in trafficking human body parts in Nigeria’s northern states for more than five years.

Ibrahim said: “My duty is to deliver human parts given to me by Ojo to his clients across the northern states. We make quick money in this business but I cannot tell what the buyers are using the parts for.


“A lot of people are interested in buying human parts but I don’t know what they use them for. My duty is to deliver as and when our clients request parts and collect the money.

“I don’t even ask clients what they are using the human eyeballs for, but I guess it must be something serious.”

The Niger State cop spokesman, Muhammad Abubakar said Ibrahim would be charged once the cops have completed their investigation.



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