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Nicki Minaj has lost the plot in blackfishing row

Nicki Minaj has become a barb herself and continues to dig her own grave, all because of the people she chooses to associate with.

In case you missed it, the “Starships” hitmaker was fighting for her life in TikTok comments after her Instagram Live with former Little Mix member and Boyz collaborator Jesy Nelson was dragged all across Beyoncé’s internet.
When the music video for Jesy’s debut solo single “Boyz” dropped, the conversation quickly shifted from the British singer’s first track since leaving Little Mix to her being accused of blackfishing – when white women adopt Black features through surgery, excessive tanning and hairstyles to appear to be Black or have some Black ancestry.

The dragging of Jesy had the internet coming together like the avengers. TikTokers, tweeps and people on IG stayed on Jesy’s neck, leading her to cancel two scheduled interviews. Furthermore, talking about text messages, which have been refuted as fake, to support her claims of this jealousy.

Since then, the internet blew up on Twitter and TikTok as users on both platforms called her out for statements made in the IG Live.

Instead of releasing a statement or remaining, she acted in the same way her stans do and was fighting left, right and centre with anyone one who dared say anything against her statements. The TikTokers have not slowed down, with many creators echoing the overall sentiment that Nicki was on the wrong side of this argument.

Nicki, clearly pressed by that, jumped into various TikTok creator’s comments sections, spewing high school level insults as a means to defend Jesy even though she didn’t ask for it.

And if there’s one thing about the TikTok community, it’s that they will protect their own, especially when the person on the attacking end is in the wrong.

Source: eOnline

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