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All you need to know about Windows 11 New features

Microsoft has rolled out several changes and fixes in the latest update to the preview build for Windows 11. Windows 11 build 22000.132 includes improvements to the Snipping Tool, Calculator, Calendar, Mail apps, and various new features in the integrated Teams app.

Teams now supports chat, one-to-one and group audio and video calling, and screen-sharing for Windows 11 beta users. It also comes with all the typical features of a conferencing app. This includes toggles for turning your microphone and camera on and choosing your preferred speakers, mic, and camera with device settings.

Users can also manage meeting information and options, see the roster of participants, admit meeting participants from the lobby, and see people’s videos in a gallery view. Microsoft is in the process of replacing the old screenshot Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps in Windows 11 with a new Snipping Tool that combines features from both apps.

Using the Win + Shift + S shortcut in the new build will bring up a snipping menu with options for selecting exactly what content you want to take a screenshot of.

After taking your screenshot, the tool will provide edit options such as cropping and adding annotations.

Calendar and Mail have also been updated to match the new visual style of Windows 11, with rounded corners and other adjustments to align it with the new design language.

Lastly, the Calculator app has been rewritten in C# and open-sourced, letting developers contribute to improvements via GitHub.

You can also run Calculator with a different theme from your system. Microsoft has also fixed several bugs and issues in several apps, including the following:


Addressed a scenario where the recent searches list displayed when hovering over the Search icon in the Taskbar was unexpectedly blank.

Fixed issue where launching links from the widgets board wasn’t always invoking apps to the foreground.
Clicking the widget’s icon in the Taskbar should now open it on the correct monitor.
Windows Sandbox

The Taskbar (Explorer.exe) should no longer repeatedly crash inside of Windows Sandbox.

Addressed an issue leading to some Insiders experiencing a bug check when attempting to roll back in the previous flight.
Mitigated an issue that was making certain games go unresponsive after pressing the Enter key.
Fixed an issue where the “location in use” indicator icon wasn’t showing up in the Taskbar when it should have been.
If you want to try out Windows 11 early, you need to sign up for the Windows Insider programme and join either the Dev or Beta Channels.

If you want to get the latest features as early as possible, the Dev Channel should be your choice. However, Microsoft warns that this is only suited to highly technical users as updates may be rough around the edges and unstable.

This could result in data loss or security problems and might require some tinkering with the OS to get certain features working.

The Beta Channel, meanwhile, is great for early adopters. Windows builds in this channel will be more reliable with updates validated by Microsoft.

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