Nelson Makamo goes to Harvard

South African well-respected artist, Nelson Makamo is set to be bestowed with the highest honour at the prestigious Harvard University. The Limpopo born artist will be awarded a Vanguard Award by the Harvard African Students Association.

Nelson will also be required to deliver a lecture about the future of Art in Africa. His work has enjoyed quite a lot of exhibitions in various international spaces including, Netherlands, Italy and Scotland, just to mention a few.
The Johannesburg based art maverick has been lauded for creating art that is thought provoking and progressive.
The iconic oil painting of a child was featured on the cover of the revered Time Magazine some time this year. This goes to show just how much international recognition is Nelson’s body of work is receiving.

Nelson Makamo

Nelson Makamo truly does move in elite and prestigious circles, doesn’t he? During the highly attended Global Citizen Music Festival last year in December, a few well recognised media personalities came through to his gallery in Johannesburg. Oprah Winfrey, Ava Duvernay, Gail King were some of those celebrities that were left incredibly impressed with Nelson’s work.

Nelson Makamo

On the home front, celebrities such as DJ Black Coffee and Siyabonga Scoop Ngwekazi are just some of the most impactful people that are in Nelson Makamo’s golden circle. In an interview with Mac G on his popular podcast series, Podcast With Mac G, Scoop mentioned that around last year, he recruited Nelson Makamo, DJ Black Coffee and fashion designer, Laduma Ngxokolo to accompany him to visit well renowned prophet and culturist, Credo Mutwa in the hope that they would learn more about the importance of preserving our culture as Africans.

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