Nelly Shows Love to NLE Choppa For Dressing Like Him In New Music Video

Nelly has reacted to NLE Choppa cosplaying him for a brand new video coming out later this week which features a number of nods to the 2000s. On Tuesday (July 25), the Memphis rapper took to Instagram to upload a carousel of pictures with him dressed in peak 2000s attire including a headband, a Hardwood Classics Denver Nuggets throwback Jersey, long diamond necklaces, baggy jeans, and A Bathing Ape shoes.

NLE Choppa

The homage to Nelly also sees NLE Choppa rocking the St. Louis rapper’s trademark band-aid under his eye.

Throughout most of the pictures, Choppa is surrounded by bikini-clad women, and in his caption, he wrote: “It’s Nelly Baby [cheesing smile emoji]. ‘It’s GETTING HOT’ FRIDAY [popcorn, champagne, and movie camera emoji].”

Nelly reposted NLE Choppa’s post on his IG story, writing: “Go Up Nephew [up arrow emojis][fire emoji],” to which Choppa reacted by writing: “Nelly Approved [green checkmark emoji]. NLE Choppa’s new video will be dropping on Friday (July 28).

Aside from cosplaying Nelly, the “Walk Em Down” artist came to the defense of Sexyy Red earlier this month because of the ridicule and negative comments she’s faced since her arrival on the scene.

NLE Choppa took to Twitter previously to offer some words of encouragement for the “Pound Town” artist who he feels is getting treated poorly by fans and her fellow music artists.

“Man, I keep seeing the hate that ya’ll have on my girl Sexyy Red,” NLE Choppa began. “I’m just a real supporter, a real fan, I love her energy and I love her music personally. Man, ya’ll need to stop doing people like that, treating people like that.

NLE Choppa

Ya’ll not go always hear something that ya’ll accustom to or used to. Ya’ll need people like Sexyy Red to create a balance from serious to shit that you can have fun too.”

He continued: “Ya’ll need to stop doing that girl like that. That shit ain’t right because at the end of the day, she got a child, she fed her child, she made money, and made sure that her baby was straight.

That’s all that matters. Ya’ll don’t know that girl, ya’ll ain’t met her. I’m just sticking up for her because I ain’t seen nobody else round this muthafucka sticking up for her, showing her all this love.”

NLE Choppa

“Ya’ll need to stop treating people like that. Like for real. Why our own community gotta tear down our own people? Why we can’t embrace her? Why we can’t understand where she comes from? Why we can’t understand her music the same way we’ll understand somebody else music? Any other male music?” Ya’ll do males like that too, but it’s mainly the women.”

Source – HipHopDx

In Other News – Nelly Appluads NLE Choppa For Dressing Like Him In New Music Video

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Dave East

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