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Neighbouring countries ban SA meat

SA meat

Neighbouring countries ban SA meat. Botswana and the Kingdom of eSwatini, formerly Swaziland, have suspended meat imports from Mzansi. Zimbabwe is also setting up a ban due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease.


South Africa’s agriculture department announced this week that the disease, which causes sores and lameness in cattle and sheep, was found in Limpopo.

On Wednesday, eSwatini, which heavily relies on South Africa for food and Botswana announced they would ban products from cloven-hoofed animals, joining Namibia which immediately stopped the imports.

SA meat


Director of veterinary services Xolani Dlamini said on Wednesday: “We have strengthened inspection in collaboration with security agents and customs officials at all border posts”.

Botswana said it would also stop the movement of cloven-hoofed animals and their products from South Africa, as well as the movement of those products through the country.

Source: Daily Sun


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