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Nasty C to give away diamonds on upcoming Ivyson tour

Nasty C to give away diamonds on upcoming Ivyson tour. This is not a drill, the Strings and Bling rapper is running a no-strings-attached competition where one of his lucky fans could win some bling. The SA rapper is taking his Ivyson Tour to the next level, going as far as giving away real diamonds at one of his shows.

The rapper took to his Instagram to announce that he was giving away a diamond chain to a fan who can post the best impersonation of him.

Nasty C


To be fair, a number of Nasty C impersonators have hit the streets in recent months and it looks as if the Coolest Kid in Africa rapper has found a way to capitalise on this. In the video announcement, Nasty C revealed the competition instructions before adding that the competition would only be open to fans who had bought tickets to his concert.

Nasty C was also helped by Dr Smile LexLeo who had the honour of fetching the “ice” from a literal freezer before showing it off to Nasty’s fans:

Many of Nasty C’s biggest fans were excited by the news, while a few complained that the competition was seemingly only exclusive to those in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Some commentators replied: “Haaaa @nasty_csa in Durban u didn’t bring this chain thing up…I’d love to have one but m frm Durbs #031”

“DURBAN IVYSON TOUR DOLOLO.. SICULE SACULA KODWA” (But we sang and sang for you!) “Charity begins at Home Buddy, you left Durban Hanging”

Source: The Citizen

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