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Nadia Nakai: Take a pic with me in this Red Velvet Cake

Nadia Nakai: Take a pic with me in this Red Velvet Cake. The rapper who is back in town after spending some days in Spain as she represented Africa as the host of the 2018 European Music Awards. She is back in the country and she is already on it again.

Local rapper Nadia Nakai was living the dream when she attended the pink carpet at the 2018 European Music Awards held in Bilbao, Spain. The muso, who had a chat with Channel24 in Spain before the big event, had the chance to hang with US singer Jason Derulo at the star-studded event, snapping a pic with him as well.

They say they are only musicians who think of making money and don’t care about what they say in their music does to people. Well, Nadia Nakai has given those critics another angle to think about, after she posted a positive message on her Instagram account.

The star who hosted a show recently and had a blistering performance that had us believe she is the Queen of hip-hop in Mzansi. She silenced her critics with the performance she gave. In terms of dressing, we all know that she is always on point. Her latest pictures had us in a meltdown especially an outfit she was wearing.

It had the whole social media went ablaze. She was serving fire and believe me when l say fire, she was literally on fire. Check the pictures below…

Nadia Nakai

Red Velvet Cake

Nadia Nakai

Take a pic with me…

Nadia Nakai

Selfie with the Captonians

Nadia Nakai

My heart is Tweaking for you my Queen…

Nadia Nakai

CPT was a jump…

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