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Nadia Nakai: So fun being your African host for the #MTVEMA

Nadia Nakai: So fun being your African host for the #MTVEMA. She had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the world’s biggest stars at the event and she was so happy to share the experience with her fans on social media, especially her Instagram.

Local rapper Nadia Nakai was living the dream when she attended the pink carpet at the 2018 European Music Awards held in Bilbao, Spain. The muso, who had a chat with Channel24 in Spain before the big event, had the chance to hang with US singer Jason Derulo at the star-studded event, snapping a pic with him as well.

Nadia Nakai

“We had beef but now we cool!!!!!!!!! Lol! Had to ask him about that mess ‘do you guys speak English’ when he performed in SA last. You’ll hear his answer!” Nadia captioned her post, referring to the 2015 ANN7 South African of the Year Awards where Jason Derulo created controversy when he asked the crowd if they “speak English”.

At the time, Nadia was one of many people who responded to Derulo on social media, calling the star “rude”. But put that aside she had a fantastic night and the pictures say it all. Its so good to see our stars living it out at big events like these. What truly attracted us more was her look, she was on point. Check the pictures below…

Nadia Nakai

Pink Carpet wrapped!!!! So fun being your African host for the #MTVEMA about to watch the show!!!!!! Yay! #Braggainbilbo @mtvza thank you @gertjohancoetzee for the amazing dress!!!! I caused serious drama here in Bilbao!!!!! 😛

Nadia Nakai

What a dope experience!!!! Sooo inspired! Thank you @mtvza for sending me to Spain to represent Africa! #mtvema 📷 @sipsip_tv

Nadia Nakai

I HAD to take the opportunity to Rap for @realsway !!!!!!!!!! #BRAGGA out here tryna hustle!!!!! #mtvema 📷 @sipsip_tv Tune in to NewsISH at 5 pm on MTV Base channel 322 to catch the rest of my freestyle.

Nadia Nakai

Lighting ⚡️ 📷 @sipsip_tv

Nadia Nakai

Being interviewed by @mtvportugal #mtvema 😛


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