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Mzansi tip Cassper to win after Naak MusiQ’s viral unconvincing training video

Naak MusiQ has disappointed his fans. They now believe he will lose against rapper Cassper Nyovest after rooting for them.

On the 8th of April 2022, Anga Makhubulo known as Naak MusiQ, will have a boxing match with Refiloe Phoolo, also known as Cassper Nyovest. Sun City’s Superbowl is the venue the game will take place in

After the announcement of the match, many people had their money on Anga due to his masculine physique and fitness. Still, sentiments are changing after videos of his training have been posted on social media. Naak MusiQ’s punches seem feeble, and his footwork is not promising at all.

Cassper, on the other hand, is throwing heavy punches on his training. His uppercuts are fierce and aggressive. Cassper has also displayed very immaculate footwork.

Fans expressed how they initially rooted for Anga, and now they can see that it’ll end in tears for him. Jokes were made of the singer not making it to two rounds on the fight and how he’ll get beaten. People also advised Naak to cancel the match before he embarrassed himself with a loss.

Some fans still think the singer and actor will win. They said it’s unwise for athletes to show their best skills before competing. This prevents the competitor from studying the other opponent’s best moves. Others said this training video was posted to make Cassper comfortable and train less.

On the Fame Vs Clout match, Dumisani Dlamini called Naak to the stage as he was in the crowd. Naak was cocky and set the date of the match himself. Naak said, “Out of the three people Cassper wants to fight, he shouldn’t have mentioned me last.”

Cassper impressed Mzansi with his win, punches and quickly won against Slik Talk. Fans knew he was a boxing fanatic, but nobody had an idea he was that good at it.


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