Mzansi Magic Under Fire for Promoting Teddy’s Rape Storyline

Mzansi Magic has come under fire for their insensitive tweet when promoting one of their shows Gomora’s storyline. Currently Gomora has created a storyline which forces their viewers to engage in a much needed conversation about males being sexually abused. A topic that is shunned upon by society and rarely addressed.

teddy on gomora
With the introduction of a new character, Gomora High’s newest business studies teacher, Ncebakazi Manzi, played by Sihle Ndaba, her character has caused quiet a stir on the show. She has her eyes set on a high school learner Teddy, played by Sicelo Buthelezi, who is a minor. The two have taken their teacher-scholar relationship to a whole new level and they even shared a bed.

Seeing how Sihle is an adult and Teddy a minor, statutory rape is what many label it, and rightfully so.

Gomora has been hailed as one of the most authentic shows which tell stories that resonate with their viewers. The topic they have introduced recently proves why they are at the top.

teddy on gomora

When Mzansi Magic commented on the show’s current storyline, they seem to have missed the mark. Their comment “Snack attack” did not land well with viewers seeing how young the child who was raped is. After the backlash they received, they quickly removed the comment but technology dominated as per usual.

The Queen actor Loyiso MacDonald slammed the program for that comment by asking them to “delete, try again.” Loyiso is also a victim of rape as he had opened up about being sexually violated by a woman in his neighborhood when he was young. His sexual harassment ordeal did not turn him into a monster, the actor told Mac G, despite being a victim of abuse one has to take responsibility to deal with it and become a better person.

“It was a neighbor who targeted certain boys in the area… I didn’t know this at the time but it only came out – again this is why it’s so important to speak up, but once I had spoken to my parents and said ‘look this is what I’ve experienced, they handled it with care and I saw a social worker and eventually it ended up in court,” he explained.

Phil Mphela weighed in as well saying that Teddy is not lucky, he is being abused. “This is abuse. Sexual abuse of a minor but an elder in authority over him. Promoting the storyline as “snack attack” does a disservice to the seriousness of child abuse. And yes, it’s still abuse even when women are the perpetrators. Teddy is not lucky, he is being ABUSED!”

He took it further by saying they are endorsing a cruel act of disregarding young men’s sorrows which leave them scarred for life.

“So disappointing to see DStv promote the Teddy storyline on #gomora as something fun. It’s those attitude in society that leaves us with broken young men who grow up they carrying demons that were ignored because the abuser was a woman and he should’ve enjoyed it. Sad.

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