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Muvhango fails to shoot new episodes as SABC refuses to renew contracts

Muvhango is trending for the wrong reasons of late. No doubt, the contract woes between the SABC and Muvhango seems to be far from over. The showrunners hope their contract will be renewed since SABC is yet to nod for contract renewal.

In the mix of things, it seems as if the cast and crew of Muvhango anxiously await to hear if there is still any production or that’s the end of the road. The drama series was threatened with cancellation earlier this year. However, instead of canning it, SABC just reduced their time slot reduced.

SABC once indicated that the drama series was failing to break even because of its storyline, resulting in a slump in numbers. In the wake of that revelation, Muvhango was given a nod of contract renewal with fresh content coming into play. However, in the mix of things, it seems as if SABC is backtracking from its resolutions.

Of late, actors have taken a swipe on the showrunners of remaining mum when it comes to their contracts. Actors have it that the showrunners and SABC should be fair enough to open up about the situation beforehand.

As of November, the actors have not been on set for more than two months, and it seems they will have more months home as the matter is far from being resolved.

Close sources to the publication indicated that Muvhango is still waiting for feedback from SABC. Rumour has it that the showrunners have sent several letters to follow up on the initial proposal, but the broadcaster is yet to give a detailed response. However, it was revealed that the first draft was forwarded to SABC two months ago, but nothing materialised.

“The cast is upset because if they are not brought back for a new season, they should have been told already. They are now sitting at home not knowing their fate. They don’t know whether to look for other jobs or not.”

However, the executive producer and creator of Muvhango Duma indicated that they were waiting for SABC response given the fact they have tabled their proposal.

In the mix of things, the SABC revealed that they were working on the contract considering all the facts coming into play.


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