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All you need to know about MTN’s cheaper smartphone insurance


MTN has announced three new insurance products which are targeted at customers looking for cheaper ways to cover their devices.

These products comprise the following:

Screen repair cover – From R17 per month
Accident cover – From R21 per month
Theft and loss cover – From R24 per month
“South Africans are facing financial hardship and while this is not a revolutionary offer it does offer our customers the flexibility to choose the cover that best suits their needs at a far more affordable price,” said MTN SA Chief of Mobile Financial Services Felix Kamenga.

“It is always advisable to insure your device to protect your investment and to get you back up and running as quickly as possible on SA’s best network.

“These offers are aimed at significantly lowering the cost of insuring devices as customers won’t be obligated to cover for all risks in just one monthly premium,” said Kamenga.

MTN said that these insurance products are available for devices including tablets, laptops, and smartwatches, and can be purchased at an MTN store or online.

Customers who have recently upgraded or purchased a new device can still apply for this insurance if the purchase was within 30 days and the device has not been damaged.

MTN launches 5G
MTN also recently launched its new 5G service with data plans from 75GB to 500GB.

The service is offered in two variants – 5G home Wi-Fi and 5G mobile.

5G home Wi-Fi promises average speeds of 100Mbps and peak speeds of 500Mbps, while 5G mobile offers average speeds of 50Mbps and 500Mbps respectively.

“We’re rolling out 5G across South Africa, and soon you’ll have 5G coverage everywhere you go,” MTN said.

MTN is also offering three 5G phones to South Africans – the Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei P40, and LG Velvet 5G.

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