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Video of Mpura jamming to Riky Ricky leaves Mzansi in tears

The mood throughout the country has been a somber one following the funeral of South African rapper and fashion Icon Riky Makhado.

Lady du, who had a good relationship with the late rapper shared a video clip of Mpura watching a performance of Riky and jamming to the lyrics.

“I never thought I’d pull up in a two-door. I was rapping for fun but now it’s fruitful. Sometimes I feel like I wanna leave it, if I leave then who are they going to believe.”

Following the news about Riky’s passing, Lady Du opened up about her last conversation with the rapper.

“I guess this was goodnight, I’ve felt sooo much pain the past few months that I’m actually numb, I don’t even know the stage I’m in now.”

She said he checked on how she was coping not knowing that he also needed someone to show him the same love.

“I’m hurting because you emptied your cup to fill mine, checking up on me just yesterday, when you needed the same type love and light!!! I’ll always love you big bro rest now. heaven is rich,” she posted.

At Mpura’s funeral in 2021, Lady shared some touching words about her friend. “He said to me ‘you know what friend, I want to leave a legacy for my mum and my family. One thing I do not want to do was to leave earth and not do something for my family.”

She also spoke about how Mpura encouraged her to pray and would call her at night just to vent about what he was going through.

“Mpura was the one person who gave me an opportunity when I was just sitting at the studio. When they were singing Umsebenzi Wethu, then he called me to the mic. At that time I was depressed, I wasn’t in a good space. I said to Mpura I can’t sing,”

Riky Rick also spoke at Mpura’s funeral. He said we had to have faith that he is in a better plave right now.

“We have to have faith that Mongezi in a happy place. We have to faith that he is right next to Jesus right now, telling him the best bed time story ever.”

He said Mpura taught him that life was about living.

“He made you realise that life was meant for living. He would make you laugh when you really felt like crying, he would pick you up when you felt like the world was collapsing on top of you. When you had no more hope he would look you in the eyes and say don’t worry grootman, you’ll operate this one.”

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