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#Isibaya: Mpiyakhe Zungu’s life in critical condition

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Now that Sengwayo and Sibongile have returned from their extra-long holiday, things are already being set into motion on Isibaya.

While the Zungu family is happy that he has returned after months of being away, it will be even more difficult to digest that he won’t be there for long.

Sengwayo and Sibongile have been keeping a huge secret. But Sibongile has decided to share it with Siphokazi.

Mpiyakhe Zungu

Sibongile told Siphokazi they are going to lose their husband. The real reason their holiday was so long was because he fell ill.

He was in the hospital for months because of the nail that was used to turn him into a zombie by the evil Sunday Nkabinde.

Now Sengwayo only has a few months to live.

What will Mancwane do once she hears of this tragedy that will affect the Zungu family again?

On Rhythm City, Suffocate and Khulekani’s war is far from over.

They are both fighting for Nandi and both are willing to play dirty for her.

Siyabonga Thwala

Nandi has left her husband and moved out of their matrimonial home. This was after finding out from Suffo that he was the one who produces Slaza that caused their daughter to be an addict.

Now Khulekani is going to spill the beans to Pearl about how her father, David Genaro, died, implicating Suffo, who is Pearl’s business partner.

Things are about to get messy.

-Daily Sun

In other news – Girl causes storm on Social Media after calling Men to marry women who pay 50% on bills

A South African woman has gone viral after giving men advice on the women they choose to marry. @tr_cally advised men to only marry women that go “50/50 on the bill,” and she has caused quite a stir. Some Saffa tweeps don’t believe that what she says is true while other wholeheartedly agree with her tweet.


A South African woman has gone viral after giving men a piece of advice. @tr_cally (Cally) tweeted that men should marry a woman that offer to go 50/50 when the bill arrives. Learn More

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