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Mpho Wabadimo Slams The South African Government

Mpho Wabadimo laments about the South African Government. She slams them for their poor response to the ongoing problems in the country. Taking to Instagram, the BBMzansi 2022 winner shared a video where she ranted about the ill situation of the nation and how there’s yet to be no solution from the political leaders.

Mpho Wabadimo

Mpho says South Africa is literally exploding.

She further talked about the underground gas explosion that took place in Johannesburg; the star says she’s disappointed in the government for claiming that they are unaware of the underground pipe.

Wabadimo urged the govt to stop wasting her citizens’ time and attend to the issues.

Mpho Wabadimo

“South Africa, we need to stand up” or “The Government must act NOW”.Kuningi Kudlaliwe ngathi South Africa is currently a vulnerable state but could very easily become a failed state by 2030 – where crucial political and economic systems collapse to the point that the government loses all control. As it currently stands, critical systems in the country, such as service delivery, economic growth, and equal development, are hanging on by a thread,” she captioned the post.

See the video below:

Source – Fakazanews

In Other News – Enhle Mbali Reveals Her Role In New Series Titled How to Manifest a Man

Enhle Mbali introduces her role in the new series, How to Manifest a Man. The first season will be premiered on 1MagicTV, on the 4th of August, 20:30. Taking to social media, the actress shared a trailer of the series and spoke about her role.

Enhle Mbali

“Allow me to introduce myself in the name of Gugu. She was fun to play. A narcissistic woman whose highest interest is manifesting her ideal man what is she willing to do for this to happen? Let’s see. How to manifest a Man season one #HTMAM.” Read more

More News – Moonchild Sanelly Claims That Most Amapiano Albums Don’t Slap

Moonchild Sanelly is saddened at how most Amapiano albums don’t hit. Taking to Twitter on Monday, the South African singer made the claim that most Amapiano projects don’t hit as much as its singles. Over the years, we’ve witnessed Yano songs like Mnike, Asibe Happy, Siyathandana, Tanzania, and many others take over social media platforms in different countries.

Moonchild Sanelly

However, Sanelly has yet to witness many Amapiano albums reach such heights of success. Read more