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Lasizwe breathes fire, hits back at a mother who asked him to change his ways


Lasizwe Dambuza has been slammed by a parent who says he is a bad role model to children who follow him on social media. The YouTuber has shared a video on social media where he addresses this claim and warns other parents to not come at him sideways.

The comedian who has openly talked about his depression and who sometimes touches on personal topics to educate others has been accused of being a bad role model to children. As a homos.e.xual who openly lives his life with no apologies, he has been bullied and ridiculed for just that, being gay.

Even after going through the most difficult time in his life after the passing of his father, Lasizwe was still bullied by people who criticized the way he mourned his father. He then had to defend himself by informing people he can mourn the way he wants to.

In the video, Lasizwe expresses how baffled he was after the parent called him out in the DMs slamming him for allowing her child to follow him. He also revealed that it was not just one parent but there has been many cases similar to this one.

This mother asked Lasizwe to change his ways and be a good example. Slamming the parent he asked them who is the child’s parent, and who should be the one teaching the child morals. He further added that he did not put a gun on anybody’s head and that the children followed them willingly.

“Who is the parent of this child? Because it’s definitely not me. Stop making me your child’s parent, I must now teach your child things that you can’t teach (them). Your child chose to follow me. I did not point a gun to their head and forced them to follow me. If you believe (that) I am a bad role model or a bad example for your child, it’s simple, unfollow me. I will live my life the best way I feel I should be living it,” he said.

His followers agreed with him and slammed parents who rely on celebrities to be their children’s role models.


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