The most googled questions about s.e.x revealed

Researchers have termed s.e.x to be an increasing topic that many people want to know about, especially in the digital age.

Times of India has compiled a list of s.e.x questions that people often search about on Google.

From many s.e.x positions to the benefits of using a lubricant, Google has many of your unanswered questions in the speed of light.

Here are the top five s.e.x questions that people mostly search about on Google:

1. Why does s.e.x feel so good?

Vanessa Marin, a s.e.x therapist says through s.e.x you share your inner world with your partner.

2. Wow to get an 0rgasm?

This is essentially the highest peak level of s.e.xual arousal and occurs when all the muscles that were tightened during s.e.xual arousal relax.

3. Is it normal to have a s.e.x dream?

According to the Times of India, having a s.e.x dream is normal because when one yearns for s.e.x, they are prone to want to do the deed even in their fantasy world.

4. How often should you have s.e.x?

S.e.x therapist Ian Kerner has suggested that couples who have s.e.x once a week are the happiest.

5. How can you increase the duration of having s.e.x?

“Men who struggle with fast ejaculation should practice this simple technique: stop the stimulation 20-30 seconds before ej@culation,” says the article.

-daily sun

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