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More state land to be released to the public

No state land will be released in Gauteng or the Western Cape, two of the country’s wealthiest provinces because there is none.

That’s the claim made by Land Reform Minister Thoko Didiza.

Didiza announced more than 135,000 hectares of state land have already been released to 275 farmers and another 700,000 more underutilised or vacant state land will follow.

In a few weeks’ time, more State land is to be allocated to South Africans for agricultural purposes but who qualifies, and what are the criteria to get some of this land?

Didiza has this advice for those complaining about government’s slow pace in the expropriation of land without compensation.

“Maybe what they can do at the moment, is to put pressure on the Parliamentary process to conclude its work,” Didiza said.

“Because after the executive like in the case of the Minister of Public Works, have done its amendment of the Legislation once they table in Parliament, it is the role of the lawmakers who are Parliamentarians who must take the process.

Didiza says once the process leaves the executive people cannot say government is slow but she’s also reminding people that popular participation is enshrined in the Constitution.

Source: eNCA

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