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More pictures of Lexi Van sweating it out in the gym

Lexi Van

More pictures of Lexi Van sweating it out in the gym. Lexi Van often shares pictures of herself at the gym and has even had questions about whether she has become a personal trainer after she publicly offered help to people.

Now Lexi has described how tough her journey has been and how much she enjoys motivating other people to achieve their goals. She said that she found certain classes tougher than others and while her body is not perfect, she loves it.

Now she is serving body goals every woman would die for. She posts motivating pictures on her Instagram account and we love it when other women try to encourage others…

Lexi Van

Not feeling too well 😩😷 had a hectic session with my new PT today… (My gym buddy is on holiday. Enjoy @jneen1 🏖🌞) I feel like this winter is just in a bad mood nje ☃❄⛄

Lexi Van

I don’t know about you guys but winter isn’t playing nice 😬
Found my perfect gym bra fit

Lexi Van

Ladies, listen, I’m just trying to be an inspiration to everyone that’s struggling to love themselves through all the fat days, skinny days, all the rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, big b00bies, tummy rolls, love handles, jelly thighs, saggy b00bs, dimples, jelly ass, binge days, starving days and all those other habits we hate…

Lexi Van

Last 1 there’s a huge difference when you work out on your own and when you actually work out with a trainer. I had little tears in the corner of my eyes. It was THAT intense

Lexi Van

Winter really sucks but it’s the only time you’ll get your “summer body” ready, well if you didn’t know, Now you do!

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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