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Pictures of Moon child Sanelly that you will love

Pictures of Moonchild Sanelly that you will love. This Mzansi beauty is one of the rising stars in South Africa we need to watch out for. She has talent and she knows how to show it off at the right moment. She is a SAMA nominee and it’s only a matter of time before she explodes in Mzansi music industry.

She explains to us how she writes her music. “I write my music from personal experiences and challenges. My songs are anthems that aim to liberate and amuse women. I’ve always been around music, which was heavily influenced by my mother and brother. I also derive a lot of inspiration from anime.”

So we decided to share with you a few pictures of the beautiful Mzansi Celeb…  Check these pictures, I promise you will love all of them…

Moon Child

Focus @blacklightmediaza cover star Future baby…

Moon Child

Me right now…laaark…

Moon Child

Future wifey 💙❤💙

Moon Child

Look at that face, so beautiful…

Moon Child

Slay even when you lay Eeeeyyyy💙

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