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Actress Mona Monyane accepts her ancestral calling

Actress Mona Monyane has been on a journey of personal healing while encouraging other women to focus on their wellness, and she’s revealed how ubungoma helped her in her journey.

Mona took to Instagram, speaking of how accepting her spiritual journey helped her heal spiritually and emotionally.

“My journey of healing started with me answering my ancestral calling. I’ve learnt so much about African spirituality and it has only drawn me closer to God,” she wrote.

Speaking to a local publication, Mona said that though she had accepted her ancestral calling and went to a shrine, she does not practise as a “sangoma”.

“I have a prophetic gifting … I realised that I’m not here to practise as a sangoma. I’m a public figure in the entertainment industry but I can’t be in this industry without being my true authentic self, and my true authentic self is a woman of God, it’s a woman who speaks the word of life,” she said.

Mona says she hopes the conversation of wellness sparks conversation about people’s spiritual health too.

“Even when you marry someone who is extremely traditional and you kind of lose yourself, and people are kind of anti any spiritual conversation,” she said.


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