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Nonhle Jali’s advice to Women gets mixed reaction on Twitter

While we’re still trying to digest Nonhle‘s viral video directed at Andile’s baby mama, Dipuo Maloi, another video of the fitness trainer – which is also “in poor taste” – is doing the rounds. Nonhle may have apologised for her live video (which saw her rip, not only Dipuo apart, but her husband Andile too) however, tweeps are not letting sleeping dogs lie. The streets are discussing yet another video and it is becoming awkwardly clear that the reality TV star has a lot to get off her chest.

Nonhle Jali

This time, Mrs Jali expresses her displeasure at not living a lavish lifestyle because Andile’s salary at Mamelodi Sundowns FC is just not cutting it. Now, we’re not sure if this is also some “harmless fun” but OOH CHILE, we are cringing!

Nonhle Jali

Nonhle further reveals that the “little” money that they do have has to pay for Junior, Cupcake and Amahle’s school fees (we assume she is alluding to the fact that the footballer has quite a number of kids to pay maintenance for). In the video, Nonhle also encourages women who love the finer things in life (like herself) to be unfaithful if one man is failing to maintain their lavish lifestyles; referring to the sidepiece as a “helper”.

Nonhle Jali

“One has to find a helper. What are we going to do because we can’t be downgrading? I will not eat jam and peanut butter if what I’m used to is croissants and blue cheese. We can’t! We want salmon every day. We, too, want to be busy with the finer things. I would never downgrade, not for a man. Never! We are upgrading, especially when you have breasts as perky as mine,” her message loosely translates in English. Sis even went as far as saying that her marriage certificate is only relevant in SA, once she leaves these shores she’s as single as the braids on her head.

This video, like the previous one, has set tongues wagging. Some are of the opinion that Nonhle has not healed from all the cheating in her marriage.

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Source: Zalebs