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Miss SA Shudufhadzo fired after revealing her private parts in see-through Bikini – Photos

Other than sharing half-n@ked pictures, what else is our Miss SA offering? – people on social media are questioning Shudufhadzo’s role!

It seems Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musiḓa sharing bikini pictures has made some people unhappy.

The beauty queen, who has been in her role for just a few months, received criticism for her homecoming, her “unfriendly” demeanour and now her once-beloved bikini pictures are too “revealing”.

Shudu’s swimsuit pictures in the past have received widespread admiration on social media. However, her latest swimsuit picture did not get the same reception.

Some people on Twitter thought the beige two-piece bikini was too revealing and that it was basically not suited for a Miss South Africa.

One Twitter user commented: “We love u but u can’t always come here to post urself half-n@ked. U r Miss SA.Ur voice Matter. U need to say something to comfort families who have been losing their loved once or to encourage young girls who are looking up to u, they can’t only see pics of urself half-n@ked.”

There were even tweets, unbelievably, that zoomed into Shudu’s private parts to “prove” their point that she was showing too much, setting off a firestorm on Twitter.

Many defended Miss SA, saying she could wear whatever she wants and if she posts daily bikini pictures, they are all for it.

@Spha_Madondo said: Some people attacking miss SA for doing what a model does.

Even if MISS SA walk in a mall wearing pyjamas everyday it doesn’t matter, it’s her choice and her hard work so let her be! @geezybeatz145 responded

@Vusi_Xhosa commented: Black South African’s can’t deal with seeing another successful black individual being happy with themselves, you will see them try to discredit the individual by all means possible. We are a nation that finds happiness in tearing down another person and its sad.

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