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Minister Cele concerned about GBV while other crimes decline during lockdown

Police Minister Bheki Cele said the crime rate continued to decline in the wake of the national lockdown.

However, Cele said gender-based violence remained a concern and he’s called on communities to assist the police as most perpetrators are often known.

Cele made the remarks while monitoring law enforcement operations in Durban earlier on Wednesday.

He said factors such as the heightened visibility of law enforcement officers and the banning of liquor sales had contributed to a decline in the country’s crime rate.

Cele has given an update, comparing crime stats from this year to last year this time: “1,542 murders were committed during the lockdown, only 432 rapes were committed.”

Cele said of the 3,000 cases of domestic violence recorded during the lockdown, perpetrators are known to victims were implicated in 2,500 cases.

“When those members of families are implicated, they must be reported to the police and the police must respond.”

The minister said police would remain on high alert to ensure all those who failed to adhere to regulations of the national lockdown were dealt with.

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Source: EWN

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