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Agnes (Millicent Makhado) from Muvhango attacked after revealing what happened when she was shopping

Actress Millicent Makhado has received a lot of backlash on social media after she revealed people still refer to her as Agnes today, even though she left the popular TV show Muvhango years ago.

“Yesterday, I was doing shopping and I kept hearing ‘Agnes, Agnes, Agnes’, until I paid attention to the voice. Kanti this lady was referring to me. I’m not surprised Sonia is being addressed as Ntombi,” she shared.

But soon after sharing the incident, people attacked her and said she couldn’t wait to take away actress Sonia Mbele’s shine, who was recently surprised to see people still referring to her as her old Generations character Ntombi.

Some went as far as to say that out of all the things that has been happening, her incident definitely did not happen, while some said the only Agnes they knew was the one from Isidingo played by Koketso Semoko.

Among all the backlash, some defended the former Muvhango actress and asked people to stop being mean towards her, saying the incident probably happened because most actors are always referred to by their stage names.

Millicent, who is very open about the details of her life, spoke out about witchcraft a few weeks back and how she was once bewitched.

“People out there hate us for no apparent reason, and I believe it all stems from jealousy,” she said.

“A few years ago, a relative recorded someone saying I will never work again. I did struggle to get jobs and that made me realise I need to tame my tongue and not tell everyone my business.

“They also said I will never get married or have kids. The same year, I had a miscarriage. Today, that person is surprised I have kids,” she said.

-daily sun

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