J Something shows off his brand new Mercedes GLC – Pictures

J Something Shows Off His Brand New Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Worth Over A Million Rand! Mi Casa lead singer turned celebrity chef has been part of the Mercedes Benz South Africa for four years now as one of their celebrity faces.

J Something

J’ recently got a new car worth over a million rand. We’re not sure if it’s a perk of being part of the brand or he forked out his own money, what we know for sure is the new car is his. The singer took to Instagram to show off his new fancy ride.

J Something

“Proud owner of a brand new WHIIIIIP!!! Today was a special morning … stepped into a brand new GLC 43 AMG and I’m feeling so blessed! I can’t begin to tell you guys how surreal it all feels.

J Something

There is nothing like a BENZ…Next month it’s my wife’s turn…,” the singer gushed. Congrats to J!

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