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3 real reasons why women love men with Chiskop


Often deemed the cheapest haircut of them all, having a chiskop or being bald has always been seen as a cheapskate tactic.

Or a decent way of hiding your receding hairline.

While many might think having a fancy and expensive haircut will do, the latest statistics are revealing that women love bald men.

According to Skull Shaver, many women find bald men attractive and sexxy and recommended men be proud of being bald.

They also accompany the bald look with a nice beard and a fit body.

Women find this to be a great way to emphasize the masculine and tough side of a bald guy and creates an extremely attractive and charming look.

Statistics showed that pictures of bald men with a beard were rated by women 6% more confident, 10% more masculine, 13% more dominant, about an inch taller, and 13% stronger than the pictures of men with a head full of hair.

According to the Times of India publication, these are some of the reasons women love bald men:

1. Bald men are successful

What do Jason Statham, Jeff Bezos and Bruce Willis have in common? They’re extremely successful. Statham and Willis are Hollywood superstars and Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, is the founder of Amazon and is bald.

2. Bald men are bigger and stronger

According to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, bald men are believed to be more dominant and successful by people around them.

3. Bald men are seen as more intelligent

Psychologist Ronald Henss of the University of Saarland conducted global research involving more than 20 000 subjects. As per his research, bald men are perceived to be older, more intelligent, and wiser.

-daily sun

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