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Here is how Men handle their Breakups

Men handle
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There are a lot of myths about men and how they deal with breakups.

The truth is, when men lose their romantic interests they do experience real pain but they handle it differently.

Research shows that men get a great deal of self-esteem from being in a relationship and this leads them to experience a sense of loss of identity when a romantic relationship comes to an end.

Men may move on quickly but they can remain broken for a longer period.

Reactions that are common include:

Intense sadness
Anger and avoidance
Feelings of failure
Emotional numbness
Self-doubt and a sense of loss
Moving on too quickly.

Breaking up with someone that they truly cared about leaves men in pain and it takes time for them to recognise that their negative behaviour is a coping strategy to medicate themselves from the hurt.


When hurt, it is healthy to cry and forgive, but learn from your mistakes so you can move on.

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