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5 fun facts about Gigi Lamayne

Gigi LaMayne

5 fun facts about Gigi Lamayne! Each and every celebrity has his or her biography where we get to know more about them other than what we usually see when they appear on Tv or on shows. More so, these bios enable us as fans, know about their background or their life before fame and their achievements.

Gigi Lamayne

Here are five facts about female rapper Gigi, you might have not known:

-She graduate in 2015 holding a degree in Anthropology and Media studies.

-The rapper released her first single when she was 16-years old under MFE records and she never looked back.

-Gigi’s favourite cartoons are The Power Puff Girls, being passionate about women’s interests, she says the cartoons scream GIRL POWER!!!

-And like everyone else she has a crush, and her local crush is fellow rapper YoungstaCPT, internationally it Is The Weekend, she has a thing for coloured boys.

-Her biggest highlight is hosting her first one women show The Gigi Gang Show in May 2019.

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