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Meet American fitness bunny Sai Phifer serving the best Tips in fitness

Meet American fitness bunny Sai Phifer serving the best Tips in fitness. Once you see results, it becomes an addiction. This is absolutely true when it comes to the realm of fitness. Starting is always the hardest part, but once you get into the flow of things, your body starts to crave more.

The body Religion created by Sai Phifer is here to help and assist you throughout your fitness journey. Our fitness apparel line, workout programs, nutrition guides, seminars and more will equip you in ultimately reaching your fitness goal. At the Body Religion, our motto is not perfection but rather a PROGRESS.

Your body is something you have to look at every day. Your body is your religion. Your body is your temple. You must be mindful about what you are putting inside of it as this determines your well being, emotionally and physically.

At the Body Religion we don’t partake in fads we create lifestyles. Our mission at the Body Religion is to commit to Progress, not perfection and create lifestyles not fads. Join The Body Religion today and watch your life transform. Check these stunning pictures of herself she posts on her Instagram account…Hope you will be inspired…

Fitness Bunny

It’s Tuesdayt can only mean one thing 😁🤷🏽‍♀️ LEG(ends) DAY 💪🏾 Hammies on swole 😜 #Major  #FlexOnEm #angles#WolfMode 🐺

Fitness Bunny

When they tell you, “you can’t be this… You can’t be that” THAT is the moment you HAVE to prove them wrong! THIS is your defining moment. 🏆 #WolfMode 🐺

Fitness Bunny

I hope you’re so distracted by your own goals that you lose sight of what everybody else is doing… STAY FOCUSED! 🤙🏾 #WolfMode 🐺

Fitness Bunny

…and if they try to dim your light, SHINE BRIGHTER! GO HARDER! 🏆 #FlexOnEm

Fitness Bunny

Checkmate ✔️ #Major🔑

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