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Medical Delivery Driver wanted immediately: APPLY HERE

Medical Delivery Driver
Home delivery shopping box man wearing gloves and protective mask delivering packages at door.

Medical Delivery Driver wanted immediately: APPLY HERE

Candidate Responsibilities:

Inspect the delivery scooter for any maintenance needs including tyres, brake pads and report any mechanical issues.
Maintaining a clean and organized scooter and having then washed weekly.
Daily ensure that the scooter is filled with fuel daily and is parked in the company premises after use.
Sign in and sign out scooter keys daily from Reception.
Ensure that all medicine is safely and correctly packed in the scooter according to SOPs and unpacked on return to the office.
Driving to designated locations, unloading, and/or loading medicines and obtaining a signature to confirm delivery of their medicines.
Maintenance of accurate delivery logs, delivery locations may include client’s homes, outreach etc.
Assist with loading and unloading medicines aligned with medicine storage and pharmacy good practice requirements.
Maintain the scooter logbook and update daily.
Assist with the development of a daily schedule of drop-offs and collections.
Reviewing lists of deliveries before and after delivery to ensure that lists record outcomes.
Ensuring compliance with paperwork for delivered items preparing reports and other documents relating to deliveries.

Minimum Requirements:

Matric, Grade 12, a valid professional driver’s license for a scooter and a South African ID
Proven working experience as a Medicine Delivery Driver
Good driving record with no traffic violations
Excellent customer service skills.
Excellent time management skills
Punctual and possess excellent attendance habits. Apply Now