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Uyajola 9/9: Mbulelo’s 17 girlfriends busted

Mbulelo was caught at his ex-girlfriend’s place and his excuse for being there at odd hours was that he was there imbeleko for their child. We thought imbeleko was done at the baby’s father’s place and not the baby mama’s place.

Mbulelo was caught cheating in every sense of the word. He could hardly find a lie to hide what he was doing there. He even tried to get his friends to support the reason why they are there.

His girlfriend, the one that asked for help from the show, found him chilled and relaxed and all she wanted to know was what was he doing at his ex-girlfriend’s place when they have broken up and he could not answer her.

Mbulelo finally resorted to violence and using vulgar words when he could not explain what he was doing there. He became uncontrollable and started acting like the alcohol they were drinking with his friends had gone to his head.

Confronting the ex-girlfriend, the girlfriend asked the girlfriend what Mbulelo is doing at her place when they had broken up. The ex-girlfriend said that when the current girl started dating Mbulelo, they were still together.

This is when the current girlfriend asked the ex-girlfriend that did she know that when she met Mbulelo, Mbulelo had 16 girlfriends, she was number 17 and she is the only one left. The current girlfriend furthermore said that she had a miscarriage because of her (the ex-girlfriend) and as such, she will not allow her to keep giving her miscarriages by doing these things she is doing with her boyfriend.

The lady that asked for help was fuming because she had been supporting Mbulelo financially. She put him on blast and said that Mbulelo once told her that the ex-girlfriend makes more money. The audacity y’all.

In the next episode, we met Andisiwe and she wanted to find out if her boyfriend that she has allowed to live with her and her parents is cheating on her.

Jub Jub did not fail us as always. The investigators were spread out and they came back with information that had Andisiwe sweating even before the confrontation.

Andisiwe’s boyfriend was found chilling with his new girlfriend that he had also lied to. He told the new girl that he has got a house when in fact he lives with Andisiwe.

The new girl could not hold her anger at the realisation that she had been deceived into believing that this man had broken up with Andisiwe. She said that she had introduced him to her kids. This seemed to have been the one thing that broke her soul.

When Jub Jub asked the cheater why he was cheating in the first place, the guy boldly asked Jib Jub if he sees him wearing a ring. Andisiwe asked him to choose and he chose the new girl following her as she stormed off.

Jub Jub and the crew followed them and then the new girl went berserk and asked him where were they sleeping when he used his small private part that has not fully grown. This seems like it was a tactic to embarrass him because at the end of the day they left tether after hitch hoking a car that was passing or at least that is how it looked.

This guy left Andisiwe standing after he failed to give her the keys to the house where he had been given a place to sleep. The question now is, where is he going to sleep now that he has chosen the girl that did not give him a place to stay, what is going to do?


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