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Mazwai swallows his pride to ask Gadaffi for help in Generations: The Legacy

Vuyo Dabula

Viewers were really entertained in last night’s episode of Generations: The Legacy. Mazwai had to swallow his pride for Sphe’s sake and ask Gadaffi for his help. Detective Pele saved Ayanda and rushed her to hospital. Tau pitches up and was determined to take care of her. Gadaffi tried to make peace with his wife, Tshidi and planned a romantic evening.

Vuyo Dabula
Mazwai ended up in an argument with Sphe when she told him they need Gadaffi’s help to find the blackmailers. But Mazwai wants to prove that he can take care of his family, without anyone’s help. Even Kabisi heard their argument and tried to confront them, but they come up with a lie.

Vuyo Dabula

Sphe cold her husband out on his insecurities and tells him that Gadaffi knows how to handle situations like this (being blackmailed) and he should just let him take care of it.. Eventually Mazwai realised he has to swallow his pride and ask Gadaffi for his help to keep his wife happy.



Meanwhile, viewers loved the way Gadaffi romanced his wife, Tshidi. We all know that she has been really stubborn lately and suspected that Gadaffi was having an affair with Sphe during that whole mob doctor drama, but he confessed his love and even serenaded her with a beautiful song. Here are some of the comments trending on Twitter:






Tau stood up for Ayanda, ordering Pele to stay away for her. He was obviously worried about her safety after the thugs broke into her flat, thinking it was Pele’s flat.

Ayanda really hurt herself, injured her collar bone and needs someone to take care of her, so Tau volunteered. But it looks like Ayanda wasn’t too pleased with Tau hanging around and wanted to be alone. She even asked him to leave eventually.

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