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Mayor Masina tests negative for COVID-19 after food bank visit

In a statement, his office said he was tested even though he experienced no symptoms. Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina has tested negative for Covid-19.

The test was conducted after he visited the Ekurhuleni Covid-19 Food Bank, where he interacted with various stakeholders, including political parties, non-profit organizations, hostel dwellers, faith-based organizations, the arts and culture fraternity, s.e.x workers, sportspeople, the LGBTIQ+ community and more than 105 business people and community members who made donations to the food bank.

His results were released on Saturday.

“I think it is important to test regularly if you are providing essential services to the public. Knowing one’s status allows me to protect my loved ones and the communities I serve. All essential service personnel working in my office took the Covid-19 test with me and I am pleased to report that all their results returned negative. We will continue to enforce our stringent hygiene protocols at the workplace and wear our face masks whenever we leave home, as directed by President Cyril Ramaphosa,” said Masina.

Essential service personnel in the Office of the Executive Mayor conduct daily screenings and regular random testing throughout the duration of the nationwide lockdown.

All essential service staff working for the City of Ekurhuleni can request a Covid-19 test should they experience symptoms related to the virus or if they has contact with someone who tested positive.

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Source: The Citizen

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