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Marothi’s true colours are coming through and fans are concerned for Rachel #SkeemSaam


At the back of their minds, Skeem Saam viewers knew that Marothi and Rachel’s marriage was never going to end well, and when Marothi became abusive because Rachel refused to cook pap for him on Monday, they knew the end is near. Viewers have watched Marothi and his “little dynamite” overcome all sorts of challenges together. They may have even convinced themselves that perhaps Marothi is a monster to everyone but Rachel. However, the veil is beginning to be lifted from their eyes.

Rachel Kunutu

Not only are they realising that Marothi is quite insecure, but the man is already showing signs of verbal abuse towards Rachel. The “pap” incident was one of the many little worrisome things they’ve seen him do. Now they are worried about Rachel.

Rachel Kunutu and Marothi

Like many other abusers, Marothi has managed to turn Rachel against her family and friends. She may not see it for what it is, but fans surely do and that is why they want her to get out of there as soon as possible. But everyone that knows Rachel, knows that she always learns the hard way … sigh.

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