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#UthandoNesthembu: Mseleku’s 4th Wife, MaNgwabe Wants Out

Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku got viewers rooting for her tonight when she showed her husband, Musa Mseleku, that she is the girl we all think she is. Sis was not about to let that man make her think she is not doing her wifely duties.

Mseleku was implying that MaNgwabe does not see him when it comes to respect, she just does everything as she pleases and she does not even bother to communicate these things with him.

He even went as far as saying that MaNgwabe does not cook for him as much as she should because she always says she is too busy and by that he means going to work to fend for her kids. Most men would appreciate a man like but not Mseleku. He feels disrespected and out of control and we have got to agree with him, his household is crumbling right before our eyes.

Mseleku saw that he was fighting a losing battle because MaNgwabe was adamant that what Mseleku was doing was definitely part of a show he was putting for the cameras. Sis basically implied that Mseleku was making content out of her and the woman she is and she was not having it.

She told him that what he was doing was wrong and every word he was uttering was definitely out of turn. Mseleku added that he feels as though that he has been stripped off his powers and control a as man and that does not sit well with him. MaNgwabe also left us all shook and asked him why he was not leaving if things are so hard for him when it comes to her. Mseleku then concluded that MaNgwabe is approaching this in the manner of ‘It’s either this happens her way or the high way’ which may be the truth. She seems tired of were being honest.

But also if we are being honest MaNgwabe did come across as a tad bit disrespectful to her husband. Viewers have said that this act of hers of being an independent woman that can stand up to her man is starting to be annoying because this was great the previous season.

These were some of the reactions:


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