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Mangaliso Ngema’s full statement on harassment allegations – ‘My side of the story’

Former Lithapo actor Mangaliso Ngema has denied accusations of s.e.xually harassing co-star Lorraine Moropa and is seeking legal advice.

Last week the actress took to social media to allege that a senior colleague had been s.e.xually harassing her by either making uncomfortable comments or unwanted physical advances.

She didn’t name the colleague in the post, but Mangaliso’s contract was later terminated by the show’s production house, Quizzical Pictures.

But the former Generations star says Lorraine had misread the situation.

Mangaliso Ngema

“My accuser alleges that I touched myself inappropriately while I was looking at her. I want to tell you that is not the truth. She totally misread the situation and made the wrong assumption. I have since reached out to her to apologise for inadvertently making her feel that way,” he said.

Mangaliso said he didn’t address the issue on social media because he was hoping a formal process would take place.

“My expectation was that the production will follow proper procedure and address the matter properly. But before that could be done, she had gone on social media and posted about her unhappiness,” he explained.

Mangaliso is unhappy about how the issue has been handled as he comes across as guilty in the court of public opinion.

“My contract has been terminated. I just feel that has compromised me even further because it has created the impression that, in the public eye, proper processes were followed and I was found guilty. That is not the case,” he said.

The actor said he had offered that Lorraine stay at his house and this now makes it look like he was making advances on her.

“The truth is, she was struggling. She used to stay very far from work. Out of the goodness of my heart, I offered her a furnished cottage at my house. But she had gone and turned the story around to make it look like I was making advances on her,” he said.

The actor said he’s coming forward not to defend himself, but to share his side of the story. He also said he’s perplexed by the whole situation. However, he is willing to subject himself to scrutiny.

He thanked everyone who’s been supportive during this trying time and apologised to all women who have been abused.

“I really want to apologise to all women whose wounds have been reopened because of fearing about these allegations. I apologise from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me. Thanks for the support. I am not trying to defend myself. I am not perfect, I know that. I never intended on abusing anyone,” he said.

Mangaliso said he is seeking legal advice on how to proceed from here on.

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