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#OurPerfectWedding: Mamphumuwa and Kelello’s perfect Love Story

Mamphumuwa and Kelello

Mamphumuwa and Kelello met back in university, in 2011. She was a first year student, he was doing his second year.

You know how it is during orientation week, right? First year students get assisted by some of the returning students (Student Leaders) and Kelello happened to be one of them.

For some stranger reason, Mamphumuwa didn’t want the student leaders to know she was a first year student, so she wore a head scarf and a badge. To her surprise, Kelello found out she was actually a first year student and directed her to where the rest of the first years were being assisted with registering.

They soon became friends and most of their friends questioned their friendship at the beginning. One day, one of their mutual friends had a birthday. When everybody had gone to sleep that day, Kelello went to Mamphumuwa’s room to have a little chat with her.


Mamphumuwa and Kelello

He kissed her that day and that was how their relationship started. It was Kelello’s father who found out first about the relationship. His mother learnt about it a bit later on.

Like any other couple, they too have had their share of challenges and had to separate twice. Luckily, they’ve worked it out and invited OPW because they wanted to share their love story with the rest of the country.














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