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PICS: Mamkhize’s exquisite collection of Lingerie Sunday sets social media ablaze

Shauwn Mkhize is well known for her wealth and superb dressing which inspires a lot of women in South Africa. Despite the setback she is facing with the soccer league promotion, on Sunday she decided to share with her fans her red exquisite lingerie collection.Shauwn Mkhize1

Taking to Instagram the business woman posted her pictures with the caption mentioning her setbacks and how she will keep fighting till she wins her case.

Good morning , Happy lingerie Sunday
What has happened to me yesterday it’s not new , Who said a male dominated territory was easy ? I am still standing tall and firm on my ground not shaken by it, thanking all those that send message of support I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️

To my enemies
You don’t kick a man when he is down
“DO not rejoice over me “
“When I fall, I will rise “
“When I sit in darkness the LORD will be the light to me “
I have FAITH
Happy Sunday you are loved by me ♥️♥️♥️♥️,” she posted.Shauwn Mkhize2

Her fans are glad to see hear that she will not be shaken and will continue fighting. On the other hand, other fans are delighted to see her in that beautiful lingerie. They all send encouraging messages and support her in whatever she has to do in order to succeed.

Here are some of the comments to her post:

“We love you and we are definitely behind you❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Have a blessed lingerie Sunday our fighter 👏❤️”

“Good morning😍. Beautiful and classy🔥. Strongest woman ever💪👊”

“Mother of the nation 💘”

“We love u too and always support u ❤️😍🔥Good morning”

“Ayakwesaba amagwala…. Just stand, you need not to do anything else but stand. ❤️”

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